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Instructional Levels

Here are the different levels of instructions that the Tri-City Basketball Officials Camp offers, our goal is to place you are the level that will provide you with the most instruction possible for your ability.

Grand Valley


Designed for newer officials to prepare them for games at the sub-varsity level and junior high levels.


For those officials comfortable with two person mechanics looking to potentially make a jump to the varsity level in the near future.


Designed for officials already with experience at the varsity level and have a working knowledge of basic 3-person mechanics.


We are going to accept 15 individuals for this group who have advanced knowledge and experience working 3-person. Instructors will be assigned to the group who will review videos, observe your games, and provide classroom instructions to the elite group. Email Brian Morley at or call (810) 577 3355 to inquire if this is something you are interested in.


We provide "on-court" instruction that includes:

- court coverage

- proper mechanics

- coach/official interaction

- player/official interaction

- communication with benches & score table

We provide "off-court" discussion as well that includes:

- rules interpretation

- philosophy

- video study and critique

Several courts will be in use to provide you an opportunity to apply all the information you gather and translate that into your game. Instructors will be assigned to courts providing you with real-time critique that you can use to immediately improve. Post game follow up with instructors will give you information to take from your game and continue to add into your officiating.

When you are not on the floor, classroom instruction will give you a chance to discuss issues you may have just encountered on the floor and the opportunity to have our instructors give their thoughts on your game.